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Here at DaySpring we offer a number of programs and plans, to assist you towards your Health and Vitality goals. We have Colonics and Colon Hydrotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, Far Infrared Sauna and many more Diet and Life Style Plans to help you achieve your optimum health and vitality. We also offer SupplementsNutritional Products and Books to help you with understanding the path to health.

We also offer plans for Obesity, for children, adults and families.
So give us a call and lets get started today, towards a happier you.

Thanks, Dorothy and Staff

Nutritional Counseling and Diet

A National Crisis...

  • The average American consumes 141 lbs of sugar/sweeteners annually
  • Diabetes is up from 1.6 million in 1958 to 15.1 million in 2004
  • Cardiovascular disease occurs in 75% of the US population

The myriad of health problems that plague modern society result from weaknesses in the body's physiological foundations as a result of poor nutrition. As an educator, I am dedicated to helping individuals and healthcare professionals understand and reverse the tragic and unsuspected effects of the modern diet on you or your patients and clients. Throughout our training programs and seminars, you will access a wide range of education and tools that you can use immediately in your life starting now.

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is a detoxification process. Toxicity occurs in our bodies when we take in more food, emotions, or mental stress than we can utilize and eliminate. Colon cleansing assists the process of clearing stored toxins, emotions, and stress from the body's tissues.

Historically, colon cleansing with water has been recognized as a valuable practice in maintaining and regaining health. Colon cleansing has existed since at least 1500 B.C. as recorded in ancient medical documents.

Colon Hydrotherapy uses purified water for cleansing and rejuvenation of every cell in the body. By aiding in the removal of fecal material from the colon walls, bacteria and toxin levels are diluted and reduced. When the toxin level drops in the colon the vascular and lymphatic systems may release additional waste into the colon for further dilution and release. The cleansing process also helps exercise and tone the colon; which may stimulate reflex points and reshape the colon when necessary, bringing the body back into balance.

When we reduce our toxic load we become lighter in every sense. We are more responsive to our body's needs and open to change. We may overcome our addictions, cravings, abusive habits and create a greater life force. This revitalizes natural functions, empowers new lifestyle choices, and promotes true healing. Best results are sustained as we consciously consume more whole foods including organic fresh fruits & vegetables.

Here is a video made by News Channel 8 for more information about using colon hydrotherapy as a pre-cleanse for colonoscopies. 
Video:  http://youtu.be/TeWjxHspRKs





This video shows the use of Colon Hydrotherapy for Colonoscopy preparation. The video features the Dotolo Research Corp Toxygen Model BSC-UV colonic machine. This is a great new alternative for Gastroenterologist to use for preparing a patient for a colonoscopy. This method is considered easier and more comfortable then traditional methods involving several types of laxatives (such as Golytely® or Fleets Phospho-Soda®).


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